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Technology and management consulting to innovate and succeed in a rapidly transitioning electric world

Strategy Development

We help our clients develop and execute go to market and innovation strategies. We provide fresh, disruptive perspectives and advice to businesses facing unparalleled change and complexity from the electric transition.

Product Development

Our clients trust us with all aspects of new product development from ideation to industrialisation through to manufacturing.

Marketing and Goto Market

We provide turnkey services for product marketing, marketing collateral, resources and strategy development for sales teams to go to market.. 



"This team is passionate about providing their clients with innovative, practical solutions. They  provide outstanding advice based on hard earned experience that positions their clients for long term success. They have an amazing ability to solve complex problems with practical doable solutions".

Client Projects

Light Switch.jpg

Wireless Smart Switch Design

Technology selection, product design and go to market strategy

Image by Leif Christoph Gottwald

Hot Water


Startup strategy, manufacturer selection and go to market strategy


Residential Solar Inverter & Battery Storage 

Product design, marketing collateral design and go to market strategy

EV charger.jpg

EU residential EV Charger, HVAC and Battery Storage

Product design, manufacturer selection and go to market strategy


Air Quality


Startup market expansion and go to market strategy

Smart home 2.jpg

PV Solar System AI Powered Software

New product development and go to market strategy


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